Updated Thursday July 31, 2014 by Southampton Youth Association .



In 1969, the Southampton Youth Association, affectionately called SYA,  was incorporated as a non-profit agency. Our goals are to establish, promote, and sustain a positive socio-recreational program for all students residing within the limits of the Southampton Schools District.  Our slogan, "Sports Builds Character and Brings Us Together," guides the development of all programming.  We believe that sports is a tool to help students become respectful, team oriented, and positive leaders.  We also aim to maintain an environment in which all children feel welcome.  We provide programming for ages 4+ and for all abilities.  Most of our staff has participated in SYA in their childhood.  They are committed to mentoring and developing great relationships with the children.  In addition, they understand the mission and significance the program has in our community.   The staff also ensures that every activity the children engage in is full of FUN!